Research and Development Cell

The Research and Development Cell aims to nurture research culture in the College by promoting research in newly emerging and challenging areas of Science, Humanities, Arts and Commerce including multidisciplinary fields. This enhances the general research capability of budding researchers by way of participating in conferences, seminars, workshops, project competition, etc.

At present the R& D cell coordinates 12 Research centres in the college viz Psychology, Chemistry, Zoology, Electronic Science, Botany, Mathematics, commerce, Economics, Geography, English and Marathi. There are more than 100 Ph.D. scholars registered for Ph.D. The various activities of these Research centres are coordinated successfully. The Research centre in Psychology, Electronic Science, Business Practice and Chemistry Mathematics have successfully awarded Ph.D. students.

The Research and Development Cell is functioning with the following objectives:

  • To create awareness and opportunities in Research and Development among the students & faculty and to create Research and Development atmosphere in every department.
  • To create interest and atmosphere among the staff members to take up Research projects and improve their knowledge, skills and qualifications by registering Ph.D. program.
  • To motivate the faculty members for R&D activities in the area of their specialization;
  • To encourage staff members and students to publish research papers for publishing in National and reputed International Conferences/Journals;
  • To encourage faculty members of all the disciplines in R&D activities for their professional growth;
  • To undertake research activities and development projects offered by agencies.
  • To assist for applying and getting funds for conducting Seminar/Workshop/FDP from various available funding agencies;
  • To facilitate the growth of research activity among the academic community, including developing mechanisms and targets to achieve this
  • To maintain and disseminate current information about relevant research policy areas and initiatives in government, University and UGC.
  • To develop strategies to foster research collaborations within the faculty, across faculty and institutes, and with agencies outside the college.
  • To work with various departments to establish and develop faculty research priorities on interdisciplinary areas.
  • To interact with industry, government, professions and the wider community on all research matters promote faculty research activities to external stakeholders;
  • To coordinate faculty level workshops and staff development activities on research-related issues;
  • To encourage development of activities to attract the best research oriented higher degree students
  • To organise capacity building programs on Research Methodology, Course work and to organise seminars/ workshops/ webinars on IPR.
  • To organise events Such as Loknete Vyankatrao Hiray Innofest based on Innovation in Research.
  • To motivate faculty members to apply for patents and copyrights.

Research Advisory Committee

Photo Name Designation
Dr. Bapu S. Jagdale Chairman & Principal
Prof. (Dr.) Dinesh Amalnerkar External Member Emeritus professor, department of technology, SPPU, Pune
Dr. Bharat B. Kale External Member Director, Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (C-MET)
Prof. (Dr.). Mrunal A. Bhardwaj Member
Prof. (Dr.).Kailas H. Kapadnis Member
Prof.(Dr.) Resham Bhalla Member
Dr. A. B. Patil Member
Prof.(Dr.) Ashok P. Bhadane Member
Prof.(Dr.) Narayan N. Gadhe Member
Dr. Vishnu A. Adole Member
Prof.(Dr.) T. B. Pawar Member
Prof.(Dr.) S.B. Shisode Member
Dr. Rakesh V. Patil Member
Dr. Manisha A. Gaikwad Member
Dr. Arti Lokhande Member
Dr. Kiran N. Pingale Member
Dr. Pragati Balajirao Marakwar Member
Dr. Nutan V. Sadgir Secretary

Research Centers

Sr.No. Name of the Research Center Link
1 Chemistry view
2 Electronic Science view
3 Botany view
4 Zoology view
5 Mathematics view
6 Psychology view
7 English view
8 Marathi view
9 Geography view
10 Economics view
11 History view
12 Commerce view
Particulars Links
Loknete Vyankatrao Hiray Innofest (LVH Innofest) Competition View
Avishkar Competition View
Intellectual Property Rights View

Patents/ Copyrights/Trademark

Sr. No. Department Name of the Teacher Title of the Patents/ Copyrights/Trademark
Patent Granted Patent Published Copyright
1 Chemistry Dr. B.S. Jagdale, Dr.T.B.Pawar ,Dr.V.A.Adole Synthesis of Novel compound (E)-4 - ( 2 - ( 2 - ( 1 , 2 , 6 , 7 - T E T R A H Y D R O - 8 H - I N D E N O [ 5 , 4 - b ] F U R A N 8YLIDENE) HYDRAZINEYL) THIAZOL-4-YL)BENZONITRILE
2 Chemistry Dr.Vishnu A.Adole, Dr.T.B.Pawar Dr.B.S.Jagdale NA Synthetic reactor fitted with rotatable Fresnel lenses to perform multiple organic reactions and photocatalysis of dyes and pesticides
3 Chemistry & Zoology Prof. Dr. K.H. Kapadnis &Dr. Anita Parshram Patil NA Method for preparation of Perovskite MN2CEO6 Nanoparticles
4 Chemistry Dr. Santosh S Chobe NA The influence of silver- nitrate and silver- nano particles on the creation of biofilms- in- staphylococcus- aureus
5 Chemistry Dr. Santosh S Chobe NA Synthesis and studying the optical parameters of polyvinyl pyrrolidone /sic nanoparticles
6 Chemistry Dr. Santosh S Chobe NA Biogenic gold and silver nanoparticles in the degradation of aromatic nitro compounds
7 Chemistry Dr. Santosh S Chobe NA Strategy for self –cleaning solar panel
8 Chemistry Dr. Santosh S Chobe NA A machine learning based approach analyze the characteristics of various nano materials for understanding their molecular aspects
9 Chemistry Dr. Santosh S Chobe NA A new green synthesis and characterization of silver-Nanoparticles
11 Chemistry Smt. Charushila K.Nerkar NA Artificaial intelligence guided system to rought the nanoparticle to the cancer tumors and nullify their growth
12 Chemistry Smt. Charushila K.Nerkar NA Ph paper and indicator prepared from calatropis gigantea flower extract and method of preparation thereof
13 Chemistry Smt. Aruna Salunke NA Smart Garbage segregation Robot
14 Mathematics Dr. V. R. Nikam Design wearable sensors to provide health care notifications using IoT Based
15 Botany Dr.S.S.Tambe Smart Farm Monitoring System to Identify Plant Diseases with Controlled Watering
16 Zoology Dr. Rekha S Bhadane Smart Fishing Apparatus NA
17 Zoology Prof. Dr. Resham bhalla and Miss. Kirti Jadgav LED LAYERED PLATE TO IDENTIFY PESTICIDES IN FOOD NA
18 Zoology Dr Resham Bhalla NA System to detect the behaviour of fish to identify water pollution and contamination level
19 Zoology Dr Resham Bhalla NA Device to identify animal ethology
20 Zoology KOMAL LAXMAN JAGZAP NA Deep learning based technique to analyse the process of preparing chemically modified regenerated cellulose and fibrin biocomposite incorporated with silver nanoparticles
21 Zoology KOMAL LAXMAN JAGZAP NA An analysis of classification models of machine learning to study the existing drug molecules in treating blood clots
22 Zoology Miss.Kirti Jadhav NA Smart device to monitor and understand animal language
24 Commerce Dr.Vinit Rakibe Device to detect fraud in balance sheet
25 Commerce Dr. Ashutosh V More Intranasal drug delivery device with artificial intelligence based controlled administration
26 Commerce Dr. Ashutosh V More Impact on investment pattern with special reference to small and medium capitalization companies
27 Commerce Dr. Arti Chudamanrao Lokhande Human Resource Development Practices and Employee Productivity in the Banking Sector
28 Commerce Dr. Arti Chudamanrao Lokhande Analysis of Business to Business (B2B) E-Commerce for the Growth of the Indian Economy
29 Geography Dr. M.P.Pagar, Dr.R.A. Jadhav Device to check nutrient of soil
30 History Dr. Pragati Marakwar, Mr. Gorakh Shewale ,Mrs. Kirti Varma, Miss. Ruchira Dandgaval Glove to detect archaeological deposits
31 Psychology Prof. Dr. Mrunal A Bhardwaj & Jaimala A Sode NA Psychological Tool Shopping Addiction Scale (SAS)
32 Psychology Prof. Dr. Mrunal A Bhardwaj & Jaimala A Sode NA Psychological Tool Specific Phobia Scale
33 Geography Dr.R.V.Patil Device to analyse and Genrate Hotel Planning NA
34 Marathi Dr.Vidya Surve E-learning Based Hybrid Training For Education and Management system
35 Politics Dr.Arun Wanarase Corruptions in Indian Politics and The ways to eliminate it
36 Economics Prof. Dr. N. N. Gadhe NA The Role of Small and Medium Enterprises in Revamping the Indian Economy
37 Economics Prof. Dr. N. N. Gadhe NA NA Developing nations have higher growth rate than developed Nations
38 Economics Dr. Rupali Deore NA The Contribution of Knowledge management to human Resource development : A systematic and integrative literature review

List of documents for Ph.D.

Sr.No. Particulars Link
1 R and R Committee (presentation round) view
2 Checklist for Synopsis view
3 Checklist for Thesis view
4 list of documents for Viva-Voce view
5 Centre change view
6 Guide change view
7 One year extension view
8 Reregistration view
9 Title change view
10 Co-guide allotment/ cancellation view

Avishkar Competition