Curricular and Co-curricular Activities

National Service Scheme (Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports Govt. of India)

The college has a Unit of National Service Scheme (NSS) affiliated with the Department of National Service Scheme, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune. The NSS unit was established in 1974. The NSS Unit has 250 NSS Volunteers. The Unit has three Program Officers viz. a chief Program Officer and an Assistant Program Officer to execute the activities of NSS in an effective manner. There is also a female Program Officer who is also a Women’s Representative. The Unit is run under the guidance of the principal of the college.

The Unit is inspired by the Motto of the National Service Scheme i. e Not Me, But You. The Unit has its own Calendar of Activities prescribed by the Affiliating University. The activities prescribed in the Calendar are social activities specially focused to reach out to society. These activities include the celebration of various National /International days, cleanliness campaigns, environmental awareness projects, and orientation of the society through NSS Volunteers. The NSS Unit of the college conducts all the activities prescribed in the Activity Calendar.

Apart from the prescribed calendar, the NSS Unit also conducts a few activities like Blood Donation Camp and Tree- Plantation drives on the occasion the Birthday of the Coordinator, MGV Dr. Apoorva Hiray. Under the project Eco-Friendly Immersion of Lord Ganesh, the volunteers collected the idols to prevent water pollution. The unit conducts health awareness programs like HIV / AIDS awareness program. During Covid 19 Pandemic the volunteers participated in a Vaccination awareness drive and distributed masks. Every year the Unit adopts a neighborhood village and conducts welfare activities in that village.

The students participating in NSS Unit are called as NSS Volunteers as they are inspired by the concept of Dignity of Labour. After the completion of Two-Years of NSS -Service the volunteers get the certificate of participation. As per the provision of affiliating University under Ordinance 163, the volunteers are eligible for grades for their contribution to social service.

Features of NSS Unit

  • A separate NSS Department
  • 250 student enrollment capacity
  • Competent and dynamic Program -Officers.
  • Conducting social welfare and extension activities
  • Continuously reaching out to the native society
  • Focus on understanding the native society.
  • Identifying the problems faced by society and finding out rational solutions for it.
  • Developing communication skills of the students
  • Developing Team-Spirit and Leadership qualities of the students
  • Achieving holistic development of the students through the inculcation of different values.

NSS Committee

Photo Name Document
Dr. M.P.Pagar
Dr. Arun Pandurang Wanarase
Dr. Agnes John Kharat

N.S.S. Regular Activities

Research Publications

Title of paper Name of the author/s Name of journal Year of publication ISSN number Link to the recognition in UGC enlistment of the Journal
अस्तित्वशोधाचा प्रवास सरोवर Prof. Vidya Surve Aksharyatraa Feb. 2022 Nil
समकालीन मराठी कादंबरी Prof. Vidya Surve Reaserch journy Feb. 2022 2348:7143
समकालीन समाज वास्तव आणि मराठी कविता Prof. Vidya Surve Abhisaran Mar-22 2229:4856
स्रीयांच्या आत्मकथनातील सांस्कृतिक संघर्ष Prof. Vidya Surve sanshodhan Mar-22 2394:5990
कोरा कागद निळी शाई बालसाहित्य समीक्षा Prof. Vidya Surve Book Dec. 2021 978-93-85565-46-5
इनसायडर – २ Prof. Vidya Surve Book Dec-21 978-81-951637-9-3
वृतांतलेखन Prof. Vidya Surve Book Dec-19 978-93-25019-22-1
रा. रं. बोराडे यांची किशोर कादंबरी Prof. Vidya Surve Book Aug-19 978-21-926471-9-66
भिल्ली लोकसंस्कृतीचा अभ्यास Prof. Vidya Surve Akshar Vadmay Feb-20 Nil
माझे गाव आणि सरपंच Prof. Vidya Surve Antar Bharati Nov-19 Nil
कोरोना कडीबंदी आणि संधी Prof. Vidya Surve Sahitya savana Dec-20 Nil
गुगल अॅप्स व गुगल च्या विविध सेवा Dr. Prakash Shewale Reaserch journy Jul-21 2348:7143
एकांकिकेचे घटक Dr. Prakash Shewale Vidyavarta Sep. 2021 2319-9318
पुढल्या हाका Dr. Prakash Shewale Akshar Vadmay Dec. 2021 Nil
अनुष्टुभ नियतकालिकाचे योगदान Dr. Prakash Shewale Book Dec. 2021 978-93-85565-46-5
सुरेश भट एक कलंदर व्यक्तिमत्व Dr. Kiran Pingale Indians Strems Research Journal Jul-14 2230-7850
विंदा करंदीकरांच्या कवितेचे वेगळेपण Dr. Kiran Pingale Golden Reseach Thoughts Aug-14 2231:5063
वसंत बापटांच्या प्रवासवर्णनातील वेगळेपण Dr. Kiran Pingale Reaserch journy Dec. 2016 2348:7143
साहित्य सिनेमा आणि पटकथालेखन Dr. Kiran Pingale Reaserch journy Jan-17 2348:7143
बहिणा कादंबरीतील भाषाशैली Dr. Kiran Pingale Reaserch journy Feb-17 2348:7143
गावकडा आणि गावगाड्याचे बदलते स्वरूप Dr. Kiran Pingale Vidyavarta Jun-17 2319-9318
साहित्य आणि वृत्तपत्र एक अनुबंध Dr. Kiran Pingale Reaserch journy Dec. 2017 2348:7143
स्पर्धा परीक्षा व मराठी अभ्यासक्रम Dr. Kiran Pingale Reaserch journy Jan. 2018 2348:7143
आचार्य अत्रे : साहित्य आणि जीवनधर्म Dr. Kiran Pingale Printing Area Apr-18 2394-5303
सावरकरांच्या कवितेतील राष्ट्रीयत्व Dr. Kiran Pingale Vidyavarta Mar-18 2319-9318
लोकसाहित्याचे संशोधन Dr. Kiran Pingale Vidyavarta Mar-18 2319-9318
साहित्यकृतीची शोध समीक्षा Dr. Kiran Pingale AMI Research jurnal Apr-18 2278-5655
दलित साहित्य समीक्षा Dr. Kiran Pingale Vidyavarta Dec-18 2319-9318
साहित्य आणि सामाजिक शास्रे अनुबंध Dr. Kiran Pingale Reaserch journy Jan. 2019 2348:7143
गोंधळी Dr. Kiran Pingale Akshar Vadmay Feb-20 2229-4929
लोकसाहित्याचे उपासक Dr. Kiran Pingale Reaserch journy May-20 2348:7143
महाराष्ट्र लोकसंस्कृती Dr. Kiran Pingale Tifan Jun-20 UGC Listed
वाड्मय प्रकारची सैध्धान्तिक रचना Dr. Minakshi Patil Prociding Feb. 15 978-93-85021-25-1
२१ व्या शतकातील स्रीचा भाषासंवाद Dr. Minakshi Patil PURSUIT Jan. 2015 2394-2649
सन २००० नंतरचे मराठी वाड्मय Dr. Minakshi Patil Prociding Feb-16 NIL
गांधी विचारांची गरज Dr. Minakshi Patil Prociding Apr-16 NIL
नव्वदोत्तरी लक्षवेधी आत्मकथन समिधा Dr. Minakshi Patil Prociding Jun-16 NIl
माझा प्रवास मराठीतले पहिले प्रवासवर्णन Dr. Minakshi Patil Prociding Dec-16 NIl
ग्रामीण व दलित साहित्य: एक अभ्यास Dr. Minakshi Patil Prociding Jan-17 NIL
मराठी भाषा आणि साहित्य Dr. Minakshi Patil Reaserch journy Sep-16 2348:7143
लोकसाहित्य लोकनाट्य लावणी Dr. Minakshi Patil Reaserch journy Aug-16 2348:7143
बोरकरांची प्रेमकविता Dr. Minakshi Patil Reaserch journy Mar-18 2348:7143
महात्मा फुले यांचे साहित्य आणि विचार Dr. Minakshi Patil Reaserch journy feb 2019 2348-7143

Seminars / Conferences / Workshops / Webinar organized

Year Name of the workshop/ seminar Number of Participants Date From – To Link to the Activity report on the website
2021-22 लोकसाहीत्य संशोधन 144 10/07/2021
2021-22 अभ्यासक्रम 110 12/10 to 13/10 2022

Book Published

Sl. No. Name of the teacher Title of the book/chapters published National / International Year of publication ISBN/ISSN number of the proceeding Affiliating Institute at the time of publication
1 Prof. Vidya Surve बालसाहित्य आकलन आणि समीक्षा National -- 978-93-83627-16-9 M.G. Vidyamandirs, L.V.H. College Pnchavati
2 Prof. Vidya Surve होय तेव्हाही गाणे असेल National -- 978-93-83627-26-1 M.G. Vidyamandirs, L.V.H. College Pnchavati
3 Prof. Vidya Surve कोरा कागद निळी शाई National -- 978-93-85565-50-2 M.G. Vidyamandirs, L.V.H. College Pnchavati
4 Prof. Vidya Surve इनसायडर National -- 978-93-85565-50-2 M.G. Vidyamandirs, L.V.H. College Pnchavati
5 Dr. P.K.Shewale अनुष्टुभ नियतकालिकाचे वाड्मयीन योगदान National 2021-22 978-93-85565-46-5 M.G. Vidyamandirs, L.V.H. College Pnchavati

Awards /Recognitions

Year Name of the award/ Medal Team / Individual University/State/National/ International Sports/ Cultural Name of the student
1 मातोश्री स्नेहप्रभा तौर पुरस्कार Individual State Level Balsahitya Award. Cultural prof. vidya Surve
2 नरेंद्र मारवदे स्मृती पुरस्कार Individual State Level Litreture Award Cultural prof. vidya Surve
3 कादवा शिवार पुरस्कार Individual State Level Award. Cultural prof. vidya Surve
4 लीलावती भागवत समीक्षा पुरस्कार Individual State Level Award. Cultural prof. vidya Surve
5 मसाप समीक्षा पुरस्कार Individual State Level Award. Cultural prof. vidya Surve
6 कालकवितेच्या बनात पुरस्कार Individual State Level Award. Cultural prof. vidya Surve
7 Short Listed In. Individual Sahitya Academy Award For Childrens Literature Cultural prof. vidya Surve
8 कै. सुहासिनी लद्दू पारितोषिक Individual University Research Dr. P. K.Shewale
9 कै. श्री. के. क्षीरसागर सुवर्णपदक Individual University Research Dr. P. K.Shewale
10 उकृष्ठ विद्यार्थी विकास मंडळ जिल्हा समन्वयक Individual University Cultural Dr. P. K.Shewale

Contribution of alumni:

  • Worked as resource person and guiding UG and PG students of our department.
  • Donate books and instruments.
  • 22 Thousand rupees contribution of alumni

Top Alumni

Sr. No. Name of the Alumni Year Of Passing Class
1 Pagi Kailas Deoram 2017-2018 T.Y.B.A
2 Patil Manisha Rajendra 2017-2018 T.Y.B.A
3 Bhoye Mamata Indrakumar 2017-2018 T.Y.B.A
4 Prof. Sujata AherGangurde Vrushali Shivaji 2017-2018 T.Y.B.A
5 Deshmukh Yogesh Chintaman 2017-2018 2018-19
6 Mahale Varsha Dadaji 2017-2018 T.Y.B.A
7 Mahale Jayesh Sadu 2017-2018 T.Y.B.A
8 Shinde Jayshree Rajendra 2017-2018 T.Y.B.A
9 Bawa Swapnil Himmat 2017-2018 T.Y.B.A
10 Nimbalkar Prtibha Krishna 2017-2018 T.Y.B.A
11 Wagh Akshay Bhagwan 2017-2018 T.Y.B.A
12 Atul Ramnath Padol 2018-2019 T.Y.B.A
13 Vaibhav Sampat Pekhale 2018-2019 T.Y.B.A
14 Ajay Sanjay Kalaskar 2018-2019 T.Y.B.A
15 Patil Kirti Motilal 2018-2019 T.Y.B.A
16 Kale Jay Ramesh 2018-2019 T.Y.B.A
17 Chitte Mayuri Rajendra 2018-2019 T.Y.B.A
18 Bagul Sangita Soma 2018-2019 T.Y.B.A
19 Chaudhari Hemant Bansu 2018-2019 T.Y.B.A
20 Bosare Priyanka Uttam 2018-2019 T.Y.B.A
21 Kapadne Sapna Dipak 2018-2019 T.Y.B.A
22 Gaikwad Anil Tukaram 2018-2019 T.Y.B.A
23 Seema Sanjay Bhagure 2018-2019 T.Y.B.A
24 Kandekar Shivani Rajaram 2019-2020 T.Y.B.A
25 Dhikale Rekha Hiraman 2019-2020 T.Y.B.A
26 Aarti Uttam Jadhav 2019-2020 T.Y.B.A
27 Mohatmal Amol Madhukar 2019-2020 T.Y.B.A
28 Deshpande Rupesh Sunil 2019-2020 T.Y.B.A
29 Khairnar Chetan Vilas 2019-2020 T.Y.B.A
30 Thalkar Umesh Chandar 2019-2020 T.Y.B.A
31 Khirari Sapana Tulshiram 2019-2020 T.Y.B.A
32 Bhavnath Vaishali Bhausaheb 2019-2020 T.Y.B.A
33 Langhi Kapaleshwar Kisan 2019-2020 T.Y.B.A
34 Magar Manasi Anil 2019-2020 T.Y.B.A
35 Kumawat Poonam Prakash 2019-2020 T.Y.B.A
36 Chaudhari Mina Ramdas 2020-2021 T.Y.B.A
37 Kunde Chhaya Kashinath 2020-2021 T.Y.B.A
38 Awari Bhavesh Vishnu 2020-2021 T.Y.B.A
39 Sunsuna Shivani Sunil 2020-2021 T.Y.B.A
40 Shaikh Ajijuddin Salahuddin 2020-2021 T.Y.B.A
41 Ghatul Sopan Uddhav 2020-2021 T.Y.B.A
42 Kusumbe Gaurav Kailas 2020-2021 T.Y.B.A
43 Gavit Hemant Mulji 2020-2021 T.Y.B.A
44 Dhuvare Chetan Minanath 2020-2021 T.Y.B.A
45 Shubham Kailas Wagh 2020-2021 T.Y.B.A
46 Thepane Madhuri Eknath 2020-2021 T.Y.B.A
47 Kisan Baba Kuwar 2020-2021 T.Y.B.A
48 Sananse Pankaj Vijay 2020-2021 T.Y.B.A
49 Vikas Ramdas Chavan 2021-2022 T.Y.B.A
50 Vaishnavi Vilasrao Shinde 2021-2022 T.Y.B.A
51 Santosh Nivrutti Gawali 2021-2022 T.Y.B.A
52 Vishal Devidas Konde 2021-2022 T.Y.B.A
53 Durga Hari Ahire 2021-2022 T.Y.B.A
54 Kamesh Suresh Mandlik 2021-2022 T.Y.B.A
55 Yogesh Mohan Sole 2021-2022 T.Y.B.A
56 Rushikesh Dattatray Talekar 2021-2022 T.Y.B.A
57 Maya Gokul Patil 2021-2022 T.Y.B.A
58 Pushpak Sahebrao Solunke 2021-2022 T.Y.B.A
59 Mangesh Balu Salve 2021-2022 T.Y.B.A
60 Ravina Narayan Chaudhari 2021-2022 T.Y.B.A
61 Umesh Bharat Aher 2021-2022 T.Y.B.A
62 Harish Manoj Vetal 2021-2022 T.Y.B.A
63 Gaikwad Yogesh Hemraj 2019-2020 M.A
64 Lamte Nanda Chandar 2019-2020 M.A
65 Page Sunil Shivaji 2019-2020 M.A
66 Thakare Rohini Sahebrao 2019-2020 M.A
67 Suryawanshi Roshani Narendra 2019-2020 M.A
68 Gaikwad Shobha Sudhakar 2019-2020 M.A
69 Rautmale Arun Pandurang 2019-2020 M.A
70 Shirsath Priyanka Suresh 2019-2020 M.A
71 Gangurde Sangita Virden 2019-2020 M.A
72 Bhoye Mohan Ananda 2019-2020 M.A
73 Raut Vinod Popat 2019-2020 M.A
74 Nikam Apurva Vijay 2019-2020 M.A
75 Suryawanshi Reshma Genu 2019-2020 M.A
76 Nikale Kajal Arun 2019-2020 M.A
77 Sable Sagar Ramesh 2019-2020 M.A
78 Jadhav Yuvraj Ashok 2019-2020 M.A
79 Khurkute Jayshri Pandit 2019-2020 M.A
80 Shewale Hemlata Sayajirao 2019-2020 M.A
81 Deore Ankita Bhagwan 2020-2021 M.A
82 Roshana Dnyaneshwar Chavan 2020-2021 M.A
83 More Priyanka Atmaram 2020-2021 M.A
84 Bagul Yogita Sakharam 2020-2021 M.A
85 Nikule Nirmal Ramesh 2020-2021 M.A
86 Malkapure Mayur Prakash 2020-2021 M.A
87 Potinde Dipak Sanjay 2020-2021 M.A
88 Kunde Lahu Somnath 2020-2021 M.A
89 Gawali Ramdas Krushana 2020-2021 M.A
90 Wagh Dnyaneshwar Jayram 2020-2021 M.A
91 Padvi Nilima Vitthal 2020-2021 M.A
92 Bambale Ganesh Khanderao 2020-2021 M.A
93 Gavali Pravin Laxman 2020-2021 M.A
94 Jadhav Vikas Sanjay 2020-2021 M.A
95 Gaikwad Priya Sadashiv 2020-2021 M.A
96 Thavil Pramod Sunil 2020-2021 M.A
97 Bharsat Satish Prakash 2020-2021 M.A
98 Bhoye Kunal Subhash 2020-2021 M.A
99 Gaikwad Chhaya Somnath 2020-2021 M.A
100 Bhoye Manisha Harichandra 2020-2021 M.A
101 Waghmare Aasha Karshinath 2020-2021 M.A
102 Bhoye Harshala Raghunath 2020-2021 M.A
103 Agiwale Somnath Ananda 2020-2021 M.A
104 Thorat Priyanka Arvind 2020-2021 M.A
105 Supare Ajay Dilip 2021-2022 M.A
106 Tambe Aniket Pandurang 2021-2022 M.A
107 Sahani Anjali Phulchand 2021-2022 M.A
108 Gaikwad Archana Vishnu 2021-2022 M.A
109 Suryawanshi Ashwini Pandit 2021-2022 M.A
110 Bhoye Madhuri Gangaram 2021-2022 M.A
111 Bodhare Manoj Sudam 2021-2022 M.A
112 Garel Maya Ravindra 2021-2022 M.A
113 Jagtap Mayuri Devidas 2021-2022 M.A
114 Jadhav Mohan Purushotam 2021-2022 M.A
115 Dhondge Nikhil Madhukar 2021-2022 M.A
116 Bhoye Nilesh Shankar 2021-2022 M.A
117 Patil Pallavi Anil 2021-2022 M.A
118 Sonavane Prakash Namdev 2021-2022 M.A
119 Jejurkar Pratiksha Sanjay 2021-2022 M.A
120 Gavit Priyanka Prakash 2021-2022 M.A
121 Albad Pushpa Tukaram 2021-2022 M.A
122 Mhatre Reshma Vilas 2021-2022 M.A
123 Jejurkar Ruchita Balasaheb 2021-2022 M.A
124 Chavan Rutika Popatrao 2021-2022 M.A
125 Gangurde Sagar Sahebrao 2021-2022 M.A
126 Gomase Sandhya Rajendra 2021-2022 M.A
127 Ahire Snehal Vijay 2021-2022 M.A
128 Baraf Surekha Mangalu 2021-2022 M.A

Linkages & Collaborations/ MOU’s

Sr. No. Title of the collaborative activity Name of the collaborating agency with contact details Name of the participant Year of collaboration Duration Nature of the activity Link to the relevant document
1 Sanvad sanskrutik kala kendra Sanvad Abhimanyu surywanshi 2020-21 5 Years Vyakhyanmala, sanvadkaushalye
Organisation with which MoU is signed. Name of the institution/ industry/ corporate house Year of signing MoU Duration List the actual activities under each MOU year wise Number of students/teachers participated under MoUs
Vyakhyanmala, sanvadkaushalye v margdarshanachi devan ghevan Sanvad, sanskrutik kala Kendra Nashik 2020-21 5 Years Vyakhyanmala, sanvadkaushalye v margdarshanachi devan ghevan


T.Y.B.A. Marathi

Year Rank Name of the student
2017-18 1 Bhoye Mamata I.
2 Gangurde Vrushali S.
3 Nimbalkar Pratibha K.
2018-19 1 Padol Atul R.
2 Patil Kirti M.
3 Bhagure Seema S.
2019-20 1 Jejurkar Ruchita B.
2 Nibalkar Pratibha K.
3 Mohatmal Amol M.
2020-21 1 Patil Varsha R.
2 Khandavi Nitin T.
3 Gangode Rani P.
2021-22 1 Patil Maya G
2 Waykande Pratika P.
3 Jagtap Rani B.

M.A. Marathi

Year Rank Name of the student
2019-20 1 Thakre Rohini S.
2 Nikam Apoorva V.
3 Gaikawad Yogesh H.
2020-21 1 Palavi Madan P.
2 Bhangare Ravindra L.
3 Deore Ankita B.
2021-22 1 Jejurkar Pratikasha S.
2 Jejurkar Ruchita B.
3 Gomase Sandhya R.