Programmes offered

Faculty of Arts
Undergraduate Postgraduate Ph.D.
B.A. English M.A. English Ph.D.
B.A. Marathi M.A. Marathi Ph.D.
B.A. Psychology M.A. Psychology Ph.D.
B.A. Geography M.A. Geography Ph.D.
B.A. Economics M.A. Economics Ph.D.
B.A. History M.A. History Ph.D.
B.A. Hindi
Faculty of Science
Undergraduate Postgraduate Ph.D.
B.Sc .Chemistry
M.Sc. Physical Chemistry Ph.D.
M.Sc. Organic Chemistry
M.Sc. Inorganic Chemistry
B.Sc. Mathematics M.Sc. Mathematics Ph.D.
B.Sc. Zoology M.Sc. Zoology Ph.D.
B.Sc. Botany M.Sc. Botany Ph.D.
B.Sc. Electronic Science B.Sc. Electronic Science Ph.D.
B.Sc. Physics - -
Faculty of Commerce
Undergraduate Postgraduate Ph.D
B.Com. Banking & Finance B.Com. Advance Accounting Ph.D.
B.Com. Marketing B.Com. Business Administration
B.Com. Costs & Work Accounting
Vocational courses
Undergraduate Postgraduate
B.Voc. Automobile Technology M.Voc. Automobile Technology
B.Voc. Retail Management M.Voc. Retail Management
B.Voc. Food Processing Technology
B.Voc. Film Art
Diploma Courses
P.G. Diploma in Industrial Psychology
Advanced Diploma in Two-Wheeler Technology
Diploma in Travel Tourism
Diploma in Beauty & Wellness
Diploma in Electronic & Electrical Devices Repairing

Add on /Certificate/Value added course

Sr.No Name of the Add on /Certificate/Value added courses
1 Certificate Course in English for Business
2 Certificate Course in Event Management
3 Certificate Course in Soft skills development
4 Certificate Course in Modi Script
5 Certificate Course in Tourism
6 Certificate Course in Apiculture
7 Certificate Course in Winery
8 Certificate Course in Web Designing
9 Certificate Course in Financial Mathematics and GST
10 Add on-Certificate course in English Language
11 Certificate Course in Computer Training(Free)
12 Certificate Course in Computer & its Applications
13 Certificate Course in Sambhashan Kaushalya
14 Certificate Course in Chitrapat Aswad
15 NPTEL MOOCs Courses