The college established the Internal Quality Assurance Cell in the Academic Year 2004. Quality enhancement and assurance have been the motto of IQAC. Accordingly, the IQAC has been implementing different measures to monitor and enhance the overall quality of the college. Planning, implementation, moderation, and documentation are the major tasks of the IQAC. The IQAC of the college has planned to enrich the teaching-learning process by inventing different pedagogical approaches. It has also motivated socially relevant research by insisting on the creation and transfer of knowledge. The IQAC has elaborately planned for useful extension activities to maintain a strong bond with the native society. IQAC invites different stakeholders to contribute to the decision-making and framing of the Policies.

Significant Contributions of the IQAC

  • Planning for effective implementation of the Teaching-learning process.
  • Collecting Feedback from the stakeholders and preparing Action-Plans
  • Framing of the Policies, Documentation and Academic Monitoring
  • Implementing student-centric pedagogical approaches.
  • Initiation for ICT -based Teaching Methods
  • Implementation of Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Education
  • Introduction of Vocational and Skill-based Courses
  • Establishing Linkages with industries /agencies.
  • Initiatives for Research culture through the Research Centers and innovation ecosystem.
  • Moderating Teacher- Quality by arranging Teachers’ Training Programs and Performance -Based assessments of teachers.
  • Arranging for different audits to assure quality.
  • Effective implementation of Women’s Welfare and Empowerment measures.
  • Initiatives for Green Campus and Sustainable Development.
  • Making Institutional Development Plans (IDP)
  • Initiatives for implementation of NEP.

Internal Quality Assurance Cell


Accomplishing comprehensive development of the college.


To set benchmarks and initiate a paradigm shift to incorporate new pedagogy and cutting-edge research.

Quality Statement

Enhancing the quality of Higher Education by facilitating multidisciplinary, Skill-based vocational education to empower our Stakeholders with advanced knowledge, cutting- edge research, and constructive extensions and making the college centre of excellence.

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