Bringing the Socially Deprived into the Mainstream of the Education

The parent institute Mahatma Gandhi Vidyamandir was established in 1952 by Late Kamaveer Bhausaheb Hiray. The objective of the institute was to impart education to the masses. Therefore, the Motto of the institute is Bahujan Hitay Bahujan Sukhay that implies the welfare of the masses. The institute has been following this Motto in word and spirit in true sense of term. Since its inception the institute has been working for the deprived and segregated class of the society.  We follow the glorious tradition laid down by the founders of the institute late Karmaveer Bhausaheb Hiray and late Loknete Vyankatrao Hiray. Today this tradition of social welfare has become our distinctiveness as we bring in the socially deprived students in the mainstream of education.   Our admission record shows that every year out of the total number of students, 80% of students are from tribal and rural backgrounds. The faculty in the institute has to go extra miles to bring them into the mainstream of education. Most of the times we have to begin with the basics and occasionally even with scratch.  Our Vision is- (विद्याविनियोगात्विकास)- implying ‘Progress comes with proper application of knowledge’. Accordingly, the institute facilitates the students with traditional as well as with job-oriented, professional and vocational education.  We have a degree course in Vocational education. Here we adopt academic flexibility and a student from any stream can complete this degree course that equips him for job oriented vocational training.  There are a number of short-term professional certificate courses with the promise of self- employability.

Apart from these certificate courses, the institute runs many Add-on and Value-added courses at the departmental levels. There are certain online courses availed to students through MOOC and NPTEL platforms. The registered local chapter of NPTEL avails advanced discipline specific information to the students. There is a Skill Development Center under NSQF to develop various skills of the students.  The Center has been accredited with A grade. The college has a center for Open Distance Learning as well as the ODL center of SPPU, the affiliating University. Apart from this we adopt multidisciplinary approach and conduct UG program in B.Sc. Psychology which is only one of its types in the affiliated university.   Simultaneously the institute tries to develop the entrepreneurship skills of the students by arranging series of Guests Lectures of experts in the field. The Department of Psychology avails psychometric testing and counselling for development of the personality of these students. For the weaker students there is provision of remedial, bridge and add –on courses. For advance learners there is Competitive exam Cell as well as placement cell. The institute conducts many competitions to develop competitive spirit of the students. Apart from the Govt. scholarship schemes we have provision of many incentives for these students to boost up their morale and to keep them motivated. Under Apoorva Dattak Yogana (Scheme for adoption of the students) we adopt economically weaker students and mentor them for higher education.    We do have excellent library and reading room facilities.  The library has collaboration with international libraries as well as repository of e-content on all subject. The library also avails the facility of virtual library which can be accessed from anywhere.  Since the students need part-time jobs to support them the Board of Student Development under the scheme of Earn and Learn avails job opportunities to the students in the campus itself and thus support them financially. The tribal students due to virtue of their special physique are bestowed with many abilities for athletics. The Department of Sports in collaborations with different agencies takes special efforts to groom the sport abilities of these students. The Department also avails participation of the students in national and international competitions.  At the university level our Sport achievements are at 4th level. We also groom our sport personnel for career through sport and many tribal students could make their career through sports.  


The Department of NSS and NCC inculcate leadership qualities. Most of the NSS camps are conducted in tribal areas which is also a further step to reach out to the students. The Gandhian Study Centre of the Institute under UGC Epoch making Scheme imparts value- based education to improve social quotient of the students. We have special training sessions for girl students under Department of Sports, Board of Student Development and Women Redressal Grievances cell. The institute could avail scholarship of Rs.16,14000 to 180 girl- students on behalf of the Malabar Gold charitable trust.  Most of the students have the some or other scholarship. We facilitate free of cost computer training as well as computer training in regional languages to increase their digital literacy. The faculty take all efforts to groom every aspect of students’ personality by availing their participation in all co-curricular activities like elocution, debating competitions and extra-curricular activities and cultural events. The institute has a long tradition of national-level debating competition in memory of the founder of the institute Late Karmaveer Bhausaheb Hiray that avails one more platform for our students. Since we avail education till the highest degree of doctorate, we do cultivate the research aptitudes of these students. The result is many of our students are pursuing research and many have contributed to the society with good quality research. The institute has a Research Advisory Committee with renowned scholars from various disciplines and scientists are the member of the Research Advisory Committee.  There are 15 PG departments and 11 Research centers through which 150 students pursue research and innovation. Thus, we begin our education from the basic level and in due course of time equip our students for advance research. The institute has completed 50 years of its inception and in all these years we have been trying to empower these students coming from the tribal regions. With better quality education we have always tried to give them new heights, aspirations and dignity by bringing them in the mainstream of education.